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how I got out of my comfort zone

and faced my fear!

· Freelancer,Location Independent,Work from Anywhere

If you have read my first blog post on 'How I Became a Freelancer'', you will know that it was Michelle Dale from Virtual Miss Friday and Danielle Greason from VA Lifestyle Designs, who have been my source of inspiration. I have since learned so much about building an online business and I am loving the flexibility and scope of work that this is providing me.

If you had told me ten months ago that I would be making an appearance in one of Michelle Dale's training videos, following on from a mentorship program I had completed with her, I would have laughed. You see, I avoid the attention, I run from the limelight, I trip over my words and blush far too easily!

But, when Michelle approached me and before I could think about feeling uncertain, allowing my semi-introverted mind to chatter, I made a decision on the spot and agreed to be interviewed. I took action, I now had to show up and do what I said I was going to do.

Why am I telling you this? Because less than a year ago, I had not heard of the term ‘Virtual Assistant’ or ‘becoming location independent’. My catalyst for change was the restructure of a government department that I had worked for, comfortably, for seven years. A restructure that saw many employees lose their jobs, including me.

I was comfortable but unfulfilled and it was the change that I needed.

Possibly like you, I have worked in several different sectors, from tourism and retail to community services and not-for-profit. In administration and customer care roles, to public relations, project management and business development.

Discovering that it was possible to apply my skills in the online sphere, to have flexibility and work from home (or anywhere!), was a huge turning point – one that I grabbed with both hands.

So, I continue to surge forward and action something, no matter how small, every day. Push on, pursue the path to seek the lifestyle balance - the journey feels right!

If you are considering a career as an online business owner or virtual assistant, then Michelle's Freelancer Programme is a fantastic place to start and yes, I make a cameo appearance where I face my fear of being in the public eye!

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