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becoming a freelancer

my journey so far

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Having worked in the state government sector for the last seven years, in late 2016 the idea struck me! If only I could work from anywhere with just my MacBook, mobile phone, notebook and pen. To have the freedom to work remotely providing I had secure wifi and a good connection - why not? Through this realisation, and the proverbial 'as one door closes, another one opens', I have been on a mission since March. This mission introduced me to two women who are blazing the trail in the online world of Virtual Assistants, Freelancers and Online Business Entrepreneurs. Michelle Dale from Virtual Miss Friday and Danielle Greason from VA Lifestyle Design.

Both of these pioneering women have produced several, free online training videos that demonstrate how to become location independent, to create synergy between lifestyle and career and with a good measure of self-belief evaluation throw in. If you have a genuine desire to help people, exceptional attention to detail and good time management, then the opportunities are endless. By combining the skills you have learned in the offline world with the skills you can develop through Danielle and Michelle's training courses, you will soon realise that the scope is far-reaching and anything is possible in the online world.

I have since taken my love of interior styling and applied it to digital content styling. I have used my offline marketing experience and turned it into online marketing implementation services and most importantly to me, I can apply my communication skills and genuine interest in people to thoughtfully help build their online identity and unique voice. The added bonus? The realisation that being a freelancer or online business owner, opens up work possibilities globally, not just within your own backyard.

Another positive outcome, one that I had not initially considered, was the scope of networking and collaboration possibilities. Through both Michelle and Danielle, I have made incredibly positive international connections with online business entrepreneurs and freelancers around the world. Canada, Spain, United Kingdom, USA, Indonesia, Egypt, Greece and my home country of Australia. While you may be working remotely, it is far from isolating and the communities that I have connected with have been immensely supportive.

Try it! Find what makes you happy and explore how you can create an online business that is not defined by four office walls and having to commute to and from work each day!

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